“Tasty and full of flavor! Feel good about buying meat from Lawson Family Farms and their contented grass-fed cattle. You’ll never eat meat from the grocery again!

Jordan & Marbra Stivers
Paleo Extraordinaire



“We ordered a half beef in April of 2014, and it fed our family of 7 for a year! The meat was tender and had a great flavor. The way it was packaged made it very convenient to get out what I needed for the next meal, and it was such a blessing always having meat in the freezer! The Lawson’s made the whole process very easy. I highly recommend ordering from Lawson Family Farms!”

Marshal & Lori Fall

Repeat Customer


“We are looking forward to filling our freezer once again with Lawson Family Farms beef. It is comforting knowing we are purchasing and consuming great quality meat from a reliable source.”

Scott & Ann Dole



“Finding quality beef from standard sources is a definite challenge. For the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of preparing Lawson Family Farms grass fed beef. It is tender and full of flavor.” 

Brian Wathen

Current Foodie & Former Restaurateur/Chef


“Our family thoroughly enjoyed the beef we purchased from Lawson Family Farms. The meat was delicious, and we especially appreciate having a local source for beef.”

Lawrence & Garnetta Smith